Dr. Douglas Prevost is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon who specializes in tissue preserving total joint replacement of the hip and knee as well as revision total hip and knee replacement surgery. He also has extensive experience in complex fracture management and sports medicine injuries.

Dr. Prevost attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry in 1986. Dr. Prevost received his medical degree in 1990 and completed his orthopedic surgery residency at State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine in 1997.

Following his residency, Dr. Prevost continued his training at the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine by completing a Fellowship in Lower Extremity Joint Reconstruction under Dr. Kenneth A. Krackow. In addition, he spent time studying innovative surgery for joint preservation including hip dysplasia and femoral acetabular impingement with Professor Reinhold Ganz at the Inselspital in Bern, Switzerland.

In 1988, Dr. Prevost joined the staff at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas as Chief of Total Joint Service. His duties included teaching orthopedic surgery residents the techniques of total joint replacement and general orthopedic surgery.

From 1998 to 2005, Dr. Prevost was also a staff orthopedic surgeon at Brooke Army Medical Center’s Level I trauma center. During this time, Dr. Prevost held university appointments at the University Of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery.

Dr. Prevost is board-certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons, is a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, and is a Fellow of the American Hip and Knee Society. He is also a member of the Alaska Medical Association and the Anchorage Orthopedic Society.


  • Total Joint Reconstruction
  • Sports Medicine

Medical Degree

  • State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine, Buffalo, NY

Internship / Residency

  • Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center, Aurora, CO
  • State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine, Buffalo, NY


  • Total Joint Reconstruction, State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
  • Joint Preserving Surgery of the Hip, AO International, Bern, Switzerland

Board Certification

  • American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery


  • Alaska State Medical Association
  • Anchorage Orthopedic Society
  • Fellow of the American Hip and Knee Society

Team Affiliation

  • Team Physician, University of Alaska, Anchorage

Dr. Prevost is available to see patients at the following location:


Main Clinic: Suite 220
Physical Therapy: Suite 108
4100 Lake Otis Pkwy
Anchorage, AK 99508

Testimonials for Dr. Prevost

“Dr. Prevost was the surgeon for my left reverse shoulder replacement, and I haven’t had any pain or problems! It was in October 2013 and I never had to take a single pain pill until two weeks after surgery. I, as well as Dr. Prevost, was so surprised to see that I could bring my arm past 90 degrees. It was so marvelous and this ol’ arm is just cranking away better than ever. My right hip replacement was not the easiest, but everything turned out great. Dr. Prevost is awesome.”

- Doral G.

“He and his team are amazing. I am back on my feet and enjoying my life again. This summer, I was gardening again as well as going places with friends. Just the simple pleasure of cooking and cleaning my house without pain or being laid up for days after was amazing. My attendance at work has improved 100% because not only am I able to walk without pain, but also I am starting to lose weight due to activity which is helping with health issues. My family doctor is very impressed with my current labs and we are working to eliminate medication soon. Thank you so much for giving my enjoyment and pain-free life back!”

- Roxanne T.

“I was well advised about the total knee replacement surgery and the follow-up was phenomenal by Dr. Prevost and his PA. My expectations were high and I was not disappointed.”

- David D.

“Best doctor in Alaska.”

- Gerald & Judy B.

“Dr. Prevost and his team have performed an outstanding job in reconstructing an artificial knee and allowing me to be pain free and walking again.”

- Ulrike J.

“I am very pleased with the quick medical attention I received from Dr. Prevost’s assistant. Her attention to detail for my immediate need for relief was very much appreciated. I would recommend them highly to anyone seeking orthopedic medical attention.”

- Marcia L.

“Dr. Prevost is very informative. He did a great job on my shoulder replacement. The office is very pleasant and comfortable, and the staff is very nice.”

- Todd D.

“I have seen Dr. Prevost in 2011, and he has treated me with the utmost respect. He did knee replacement on me on my right knee, and now I’m getting ready to do hip replacement surgery on both hips. My father told me as long as I trusted him on my knee replacement surgery, I should give him the utmost respect to do my hips. I couldn’t have asked a better doctor than Dr. Prevost and his assistant Alana Hendrickson. I would recommend this doctor and have to several of my friends that are having problems with their hips and knees.”

- Tracy A.

“I had a double knee replacement early March, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Dr. Prevost did an amazing job and gave me my life back. I’m 12 weeks post-op, and I can truly say it wasn’t that bad. I’m still doing physical therapy. I believe that helps in your recovery. Thank you, Dr. Prevost and thank you to his staff. They’ve been a big help. Kudos to AK Regional also. Their staff was amazing!”

- Liz T.

“Thank you! For the professionalism.”

- Rodney E.

“Dr. Prevost did my TKR on February 18. At the time, I was very scared about the pain and infection. He reassured me about the infection risks, made me very aware of the blood clot risks and the necessity to move and keep moving after surgery, and along with the anesthesiologist found a workaround to a severe allergy I have to local anesthetics that allowed me to have a nerve block where I otherwise would not have been able. Because of thorough preparation and information prior to surgery, though painful as expected, I felt I came out of it knowledgeable about my part in the healing process. I really worked at doing my PT early and often, I was walking a mile a day within 3 weeks and have kept that up along with losing some weight. All of these factors combined to really accelerate my recovery, and I think Dr. Prevost was very pleased with my success and willingness to put the effort in after being given all the pertinent information by him and his very professional staff all the way through this process. I’ve since recommended him to several friends in need of TKRs, and in fact my husband is having a hip replacement at the end of June by him. Thank you for the good service and giving me back the ability to be mobile and enjoy life again.”

- Karen N.

“I had to have a total hip replacement revision. Dr. Prevost was an excellent doctor, and I am so happy with the care I received from him. The previous hip replacement was failing, and Dr. Prevost’s expertise on the revision was very comforting. I would not like to repeat this experience but I am thankful that Dr. Prevost and his team preformed my revision.”

- William W.

“Over the past few years, Dr. Prevost has replaced both of my knees and one shoulder. In all instances, the surgery was very successful and the end result has given me an extended active life, free of pain and the other maladies that slow a person in their 70s down. The team procedure is exemplary and the experience was very satisfactory.”

- Terry M.

“Left and right shoulders have been repaired by Dr. Prevost. Excellent care. I am recommending him to family and friends.”

- Daniel K.

“I did my homework! Which included references from several people in the medical field and former patients. This is how I ended up in Dr. Prevost’s office and have a return visit planned.”

- Larry G.

“After a pain specialist on the Kenai Peninsula determined that I had a fracture in my hip, I was referred to Dr. Prevost for an appointment. I found Dr. Prevost to be very professional and extremely knowledgeable regarding my medical problem. I received a total hip replacement in October 2015. My recovery was a bit long, but I found Dr. Prevost and the staff at Anchorage Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic to be very helpful and sensitive to my medical needs. After approximately six months since my surgery, my hip seems to be functioning pretty normal. I also was so pleased that after the hip replacement, both of my hips seem to be perfectly matched. I understand that is sometimes quite difficult to achieve. I prefer Dr. Prevost and his team to continue to meet any medical needs that I may need in the future. In my opinion, I found Dr. Prevost to be the best possible surgeon available in Alaska for my problem. I am so pleased and very thankful that he works and lives in our state!”

- Jean H.

“Our experience with you all was a great one. I went in for two knee replacements. Dr. Prevost talked with our insurance company personally. They did not want to pay for them. He talked with them and shared why I needed them. They agreed to pay for my left knee only and an injection for my right one. My left knee was the worst. I have had my two-week and six-week visits and was very pleased with Dr. Prevost’s assistant and the P.A., Alana Hindrikson. They looked after me after the surgery and continue to do so. My three-month appointment with Dr. Prevost is at the end of April. In our experience, we have never had a doctor call the insurance company and fight for their patient. We appreciate what Dr. Prevost did for us. I have and will continue to recommend Anchorage Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic to everyone. Thank you for your service.”

- Dave & Debbie M.

“Bilateral knee replacements. Surgery went well. PT going well. Great experience at Regional Hospital. Happy to finally get surgery.”

- Elizabeth T.

“Just a bi-annual checkup following full hip replacement surgery. The surgery and recuperation, 5 years ago, went well, and I have been extremely satisfied with my ability to maintain an active lifestyle ever since. The follow-up appointments have been informative and handled quite professionally.”

- William P.

“Five years ago, Dr. Prevost replaced both of my knees. The operations were both overwhelming successes. I no longer am haunted with stifling pain and I can pretty much walk and hike as I did in my youth. This past November, Dr. Prevost replaced my left shoulder. Again the operation went without a hitch, even though it was a little more detailed than the knee surgery. The Prevost staff and surgery team are very well coordinated and are trained to meet all post-surgery needs quickly and professionally. It would be an understatement to say that I am satisfied patient. I am a very thankful patient.”

- Terry M.

“Excellent medical care for hip replacement.”

- Beverly M.

“I’m an active year-round cyclist and skier, and have survived a couple of decades of daily Alaskan adventures with only minor bumps and bruises. Unfortunately, this year’s ice and a moment of inattention got the better of me, and I suffered a badly broken collar bone in a fat bike crash. Dr. Prevost saw me on the day of my crash and was able to work me into his surgical schedule the next day, and did a good job of installing a plate and screws to hold all the pieces together. My shoulder felt a lot better after the surgery and I was off of the pain meds in just a few days, and my recovery is progressing very well. I’m not yet cleared to be back on the bike, but am looking forward to a full recovery and being back on the bike this spring. I appreciate the good care that Dr. Prevost and your staff have provided.”

- Scott D.

“Thirty years ago, I separated my left shoulder and over those years it slowly deteriorated and had to be replaced. Dr. Prevost did a wonderful job and I have much less pain than prior to the surgery. I am completely satisfied with my care and treatment.”

- Todd D.

“After dealing with increasing pain from arthritis for 10 years, I finally decided it was time to do something about my hip. I have never had elective surgery before, so naturally there were some concerns. I am an active woman and although I realize I am getting older, I am not ready to accept the constant use of a cane just to walk across my living room. After some research I found AFOC and Dr. Prevost. I made some phone calls and found the staff at the clinic very helpful and compassionate. After my initial consultation with Dr. Prevost, an appointment time was scheduled and arrangements were made for my drive to Anchorage and my post-op care. The success of my hip replacement by Dr. Prevost has changed my life. No pain for the first time in years, no cane and finally a good night’s sleep. Although I had friends tell me how much I would love my new hip, I truly had no idea the impact it would have on my life. I was so impressed by AFOC I returned 3 months later to take care of the carpal tunnel problem with my right hand. Fantastic! The quality, professionalism, and compassion of everyone at Anchorage Fracture and Orthopedic Clinic has given me a new lease on life. I can never thank you enough Dr. Prevost and your amazing staff.”

- Andrea S.

“I appreciate Anchorage Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic and Dr. Prevost for always providing courteous, professional, and complete care for my hip and joint issues.  My dealings with all the staff always leave me knowing that I’m being well taken care of, my concerns are taken seriously, and my questions are always answered. The greatest compliment a patient can give is referrals, and I am always happy to refer friends, family, and co-workers to Anchorage Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic.”

- Rhonda L.

“My knee surgery was one of the most positive events in my life. This complete knee replacement has been a complete success. Much thanks to Dr. Prevost and his staff, who have been a real pleasure to deal with. When I have mentioned other issues than my knee during follow-up visits that I have had, they get me scheduled and address my concerns as soon as possible. Much thanks to all at AFOC.”

- Jim P.

“Dr. Prevost is the best of the flock!”

- John T.

“Follow up for back and hip problem. Good discussion on progress and future outlook.”

- Walt K.

“I like that Dr. Prevost described the surgery in detail. He treated me with respect and did not speak down to me.”

- Freedom K.

“Dr. Prevost is an excellent doctor and surgeon. From the very first appointment I had with him, he was very thorough in assessing my medical condition and making sure I understood everything about my much-needed hip revision. Dr. Prevost has a very nice ‘bedside manner’ and never acts as though he is in a hurry to move on to the next patient. My surgery went just as he had explained beforehand to me. My recovery has gone well, and at 8 months post-op, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my hip revision. His staff and assistant, Alana, have taken good care of me and are very friendly.”

- Linda B.

“Dr. Prevost is exceptional! My surgery was beyond better than I ever expected. I am grateful for his exceptional skills.”

- Kyle R.

“Delightful staff. Dr. Prevost was forthright in explaining what the problems with my knee as well as options and expected results were. I was given plenty of time to ask questions and was satisfied with the answers. He is very professional and has excellent communication skills.”

- Sharon W.

“I came up from Soldotna to get a second opinion. I like the results that he told me. I would recommend him.”

- Sarah W.

“The doctor injects my knees a couple of times a year as I push off total knee replacement. I am now planning on getting it done within a year.”

- Loreen D.

“He is humane, professional and knowledgeable and listens when I have concerns. I leave his office feeling better than when I arrived.”

- Maria L.

“I was very pleased with Dr. Prevost. He gives off confidence in his area of expertise. I researched for a year as to which surgeon I wanted. I think the very best of him. My surgery and the instructions that I got was apparent. He did a great job on my TKR! Thank you so much!”

- Jeanine D.

“Hip replacement consultation very pleased and looking forward to surgery.”

- Mark B.

“The doctor discusses all options for my knee pain and worst-case percentages. Showed x-rays and showed bone spurs. Physically checked my knee travel and asked about the location of pain.”

- Raymond B.

“I had a knee replacement on my right knee the last of May. I feel I have full use of my knee now, it took some therapy and worked on my own which should be expected. But now I don’t have the pain and physical restrictions that I did before surgery.”

- Robert M.

“Extremely pleased with the professionalism and the care which I received.”

- Charles A.

“Outstanding work was getting rid of the infection in the right shoulder and replacing right shoulder. Thank you for your help.”

- Legrand E.

“My wife had a hip replacement surgery, and our experience was excellent. The surgery went very well, and the PT was great, and the stay at the facilities was also excellent. I had an appointment for an initial check-up for my hip, and when the time comes for my hip replacement, I will use Dr. Prevost and your facilities.”

- Michael T.

“Listening ability, confidence in his skill.”

- Sue W.

“It has been great. Everybody has listened to me and didn’t tell me it was all in my head. I knew there was a big problem. With my first knee replacement.”

- Pamela C.

“Dr. Prevost was a wonderful choice for my knee replacement. My pre-op preparations were very thorough. The prescribed medical devices to aid in my recovery made a tremendous difference. I will certainly choose Dr. Prevost should I require other joint replacements in the future.”

- Patricia T.

“I decided to see Dr. Prevost because of all the good reviews that I heard from patients and other professional staff. I was not disappointed. The surgery and the recovery have been exceptional. Everyone from the office to the OR staff were very understanding, compassionate, and professional. I thank God that Dr. Prevost and his staff were there for me. I would recommend Dr. Prevost to anyone who needs a total hip replacement done.”

- Anita P.

“Dr. Prevost was very knowledgeable and kind in his dealings with me.”

- Carol B.

“Extremely professional throughout my surgery and follow-up. Answered all my questions and ensured I was totally prepared for the total knee replacement. In addition to Dr. Prevost, his entire support staff provided everything that I needed prior to surgery and after surgery. It was a totally satisfactory experience. I cannot think of any other surgeon in Alaska that I would trust to do any similar surgery if needed in the future. He is truly an exceptional doctor.”

- David D.

“He takes time to explain what if anything he can do to make your life better. He listens to what your goals are. His PA is fantastic as is his other staff. They are all very helpful.”

- Sandra M.

“Excellent. All staff wonderful, top to bottom. Surgery results exceeded my expectations!”

- Mike K.

“Friendly, informative, cares about my recovery.”

- Ron S.

“It was very nice, and Dr. Prevost’s visit was very personable and professional. He is very knowledgeable and was able to answer my questions about my condition in language that was understandable and accurate.”

- Robert G.

“Everyone was pleasant and helpful.”

- Constance W.

“Dr. Prevost was terrific. He explained everything I wanted to know and then some. Everyone was polite and made me feel comfortable.”

- Dave J.

“Dr. Prevost did an excellent job with my left knee. My knee for the first time in my life doesn’t hurt. I am so thankful that he operated and replaced my knee for me.”

- Jan R.

“Very professional and very competent. It’s been four weeks since surgery. No complications and physical therapists said I’m up to speed. Will see Dr. Prevost in two weeks for my initial six-week visit. I’m sure I will receive good feedback for better results. Dr. Prevost is very professional as he addresses his patients. Integrity and being precise is what I also was looking for in a Doctor. I know my right surgical knee was complicated since I’ve been dealing with this for a while. It seems like things are moving forward for a better and healthy lifestyle since the knee has been fixed with a TKR. I’m a teacher and coach, and my ability to get around is essential to me. I’m looking forward to hiking this summer. Thank you!”

- Sheila K.

“Dr. Prevost listens. That alone is more than the majority of the doctors that I have seen. He is also thorough, kind and compassionate. I can’t recommend him enough.”

- Heather F.

“I got a steroid shot – painless and quick, no waiting. Love.”

- Patricia A.

“If I had to do it again, AFOC would be my choice. Everyone was pleasant to deal with. All their customers are in one sort of pain or another, and they were still friendly, understanding and professional.”

- Barbara H.

“I have been a patient at AFOC for many years and have never had a bad experience. The physicians, nurses, PAs, office staff, and physical therapists have provided outstanding care and compassion in every one of my multiple procedures. Without the people of AFOC, my quality of life would not be as good as it is today. Thank you to all of you!”

- David S.

“Total trust in his knowledge and ability! He has replaced both right and left hips in separate surgeries, with excellent results. Highly recommend Dr. Prevost.”

- Judith M.

“The best doctor I ever had!”

- Jon M.

“He is quite kind and very knowledgeable!”

- Mary M.

“Dr. Prevost is a fantastic doctor. I went to him with aching knees. He thoroughly explained what was causing my pain and gave me several options to choose from. He injected both knees with steroids and gel. As a retired RN, I have seen many injection sites prepared. I have never experienced the thoroughness and expertise he used in treating me. He knew I was frightened and carefully talked me through the entire procedure. I experienced complete relief from my pain. It has been six months. I highly recommend Dr. Prevost to anyone with knee problems!”

- Fidelia D.

“Dr. Prevost performed a full hip replacement on my right hip in February. I have not had any issues of any type with my right hip. I In fact do not know I have a hip replacement. In May, Dr. Prevost performed a full hip replacement on my left hip. I am home recovering without any problems so far. I find Dr. Prevost to be very professional and communicative when you can see him. After surgery, he informed my husband the results of the operation and what to expect, and he made his rounds in the hospital before my release. I feel comfortable calling the office if I think there is a problem. I have recommended Dr. Prevost to other friends who are having hip issues.”

- Elaine N.

“Dr. Prevost was amazing. He explained everything that needed to happen to fix my hip. He was very professional, and his bedside manner was excellent. At the time of the surgery, he was very caring and went over everything again including aftercare. The operation was very successful. I am in a lot less pain now, and I’m very thankful for that.”

- Jessica H.

“I had a wonderful experience meeting Dr. Prevost. He took the time to examine me and explained what he felt would be the best course of action to help me. I look forward to working with Dr. Prevost. Thank you.”

- Thomas G.

“I found Dr. Prevost to be very professional and caring. My surgeries have been successful!”

- Ulrike J.

“I saw Dr. Prevost about my hip problem. He did my knee surgery years ago and I have a great deal of faith in him and his knowledge and experience in surgery.”

- Audrey F.

“It was nice to see probably the best orthopedic surgeon in Alaska. This visit was the longest and most informative session this year.”

- Evan R.

“Dr. Prevost was very professional and did a great job dealing with my fears about my knee replacement surgery. He was on top of preventing infection and controlling nasty things like blood clots and gave me a great new knee!”

- Stephanie V.

“Great Surgeon. He explains all procedures very well! I highly recommend him!”

- Ulrike J.

“Dr. Prevost has been great and has healed / fixed problems for me and 2 of my children. 6 nearly miraculous operations that seemed simple for him. We are grateful he has taken the time to become expert at his work.”

- Matthew D.

“Best doctor in Alaska!”

- Judy B.

“Dr. Prevost is an ultimate professional. A nurse’s choice for total knee!”

- Debra H.

“I could not be happier with the outcome of the hip replacement procedure. Dr. Prevost provided excellent care. I am healing well and feeling well. My mobility has improved so much that I feel this a a modern miracle. I cannot say enough good things about my experience. From the pre-op consultation through the procedure at Creekside Surgery Center, and the wonderful post-op care at Providence Forest View, I feel the care was great. Thank you.”

- Glenn S.

“Dr. Douglas Prevost has operated on my spouse and I countless times. His demeanor is always the same – pleasant, professional, informative and he listens. Meaning he accepts input from the patient and he never talks down to a patient. He has the ability to converse with each patient in a way that they are able to easily understand.”

- Kenneth C.

“As noted in the survey, Dr. Prevost listened to the experiences and pain that I have encountered for over a year, after another clinician (not from AFOC) performed a knee replacement that has left me on some days crippled and the remainder of my days in pain. Dr. Prevost was highly recommended by another physician. Additionally, Dr. Prevost referred me to a pain specialist, whose treatments have helped. I never thought I would say that I was looking forward to a knee revision, but the quality of my life significantly diminished until I met Dr. Prevost.”

- Charlene D.

“In March 2020, Dr. Douglas Prevost of AFOC performed a revision of my left hip arthroplasty to correct a loose acetabular component following a left total hip arthroplasty by Dr. Vermillion of ORCA in August 2017. The difference in post-operative recovery, pain, and leg length compared to the original surgery is very marked and has allowed me to recover from two and a half years of constant pain. AFOC is conservative and methodical. It is worth the wait and patience to have your orthopedic surgery performed by their highly qualified surgical team.”

- Christine D.

“The total hip replacement Dr. Prevost and his team performed has completely changed my activities, giving me a new lease on life. This weekend, 19 weeks from surgery, I biked more than 100 miles with no pain or limitation. A remarkable change from 6 months ago when I was struggling to lift my leg over the bike due to the hip pain. Dr. Prevost and his PA were patient and attentive throughout the pre-surgery, surgery and recovery process, making sure all my questions and concerns were addressed at every step along the way. His commitment to eliminating risk of infection and blood clots helped ensure a successful result that had me recovering steadily following surgery and back to activity in a matter of weeks. I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Prevost for helping significantly improve my quality of life. Thanks to Dr. Prevost and the team at AFOC, including the exceptional physical therapists at the South Clinic who helped me through my recovery period. What an awesome team!”

- Carlotta C.

“Dr. Prevost was very clear when discussing options for my hip. When I decided on hip replacement surgery, he was absolutely clear in explaining the procedure, risks and re-hab of the surgery. Dr. Prevost has a good bedside manner, is very approachable and listens to you when expressing your questions/concerns. I am very very happy with my results and would easily highly recommend Dr. Prevost.”

- Sylvia M.

“Dr. Prevost is very professional discussing surgery plans and explaining what exactly would take place. After-care visits were helpful in understanding the full process for recovery. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing orthopedic surgery. His staff were also professional and caring. Several doctors recommended Dr. Prevost for my surgery. Thank you, Dr Prevost.”

- Colleen K.

“Dr. Prevost has treated me for failing hips. He has replaced both my hips – one in June, the other in December. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Dr. Prevost’s entire staff have been professional, kind, caring and helpful. I will always recommend AFOC to family and friends.”

- Alinda R.

“Extremely happy with Dr. Prevost, the staff at AFOC, the hospital staff at Alaska Regional Hospital, and the entire process. I had a referral from my local orthopedic doctor and went in, not sure what to expect. After consultation with Dr. Prevost, I was confident with having my joint replaced. Dr. Prevost went over the process, the risks, and all expectations. I was able to fly into Anchorage, have the pre-op appointment and surgery the same day, then released the following day with no complications. Now the pain I had is completely gone.”

- Robert M.

“I had both hips replaced at different times, both with excellent outcomes.”

- Charles M.

“I had a total hip replacement, and every aspect of the process was well done. Dr. Prevost did an excellent job.”

- James F.

“Dr. Prevost performed a hip replacement on my right hip. Before the surgery, he clearly explained the problem with my hip and the surgery. His post-surgery follow-up was very professional and helpful. All the support staff was great, and The Anchorage Fracture and Orthopedic PT folks provided high post-surgery PT.”

- Dick M.

“I had a total knee replacement in February. I am happy with my experience with Dr. Prevost’s surgery went well. After two weeks, I started PT and was walking after three weeks. Three months now, and I’m able to do stairs and ladders without aid.”

- Jim S.

“Dr. Prevost is terrific. He is kind, compassionate, skilled, knowledgeable, and in my opinion, the best.”

- Kaylynn A.

“Great! I had a rotator cuff surgery previously on my right shoulder. He did a fantastic job. Now I’m going to have another on my left.”

- Terry W.

“He always takes the time to help his patients always explain things, not in a hurry. The best! I will have driven a 600-mile round trip to see him. He is a doctor you can trust.”

- Amanda S.

“Dr. Prevost is a good listener. He explained my x-rays very clearly as well as the options of treatment.”

- Barbara E.

“He was professional, knowledgeable, and explained everything in a way that I could understand. He made sure all of my questions were answered and allowed me to be involved in my care.”

- Darcie M.

“My husband and I have both relied on the professionalism, kindness, and excellent surgical outcomes from Dr. Prevost. He is always willing to answer questions and review treatment options.”

- Linda H.

“My experience with Dr. Prevost has all been outstanding. The surgery went very well, and I have recovered from the knee replacement. X-rays were perfect. I am walking a mile a day, also can walk without the help of a cane. Thanking each of you who has assisted me in your care. Thanking Dr. Douglas Prevost and his assistants for all your kindnesses.”

- Roy W.

“One year ago, I had a total knee replacement. Dr. Prevost and his staff were terrific from the start. Everything went smoothly every step of the way. Dr. Prevost has been very thorough in explaining the x-rays, MRIs, and answering my questions. I appreciate his attention to detail through every part of the process. Everyone from the receptionists to billing to the PT staff has been kind, attentive, and efficient. I couldn’t be more pleased with Anchorage Fracture and Orthopedic Clinic and especially Dr. Prevost. Thank you for everything!”

- Allen S.

“I came to this practice with pain in my right knee. This knee got replaced previously, and months later became infected. Then it was opened, and sleeves replaced as well as irrigated. Two different doctors and hospitals did these two surgeries. I just thought this was it for my life. Then my primary provider asked if I had thought of a second opinion? No, I hadn’t. So I came to AFOC. It got recommended that I see Dr. Prevost. It was great as soon as I had the revision. I also must say that all the staff we worked with were beautiful. It was so great to be involved with a clinic full of happy people. Thank you very, very much, AFOC.”

- Kathleen M.

“Had hip replacement in early November. I am very happy with the results. My care was organized and professional. Now in mid-January, I have resumed normal activities without the pain I used to have. I have a lot of confidence in my new hip. Should’ve done it years ago. Would recommend Dr. Prevost and his staff to anyone.”

- Dave C.

“The process of getting a hip replacement was made easy by Dr. Prevost and his staff at AFOC. Every phase from pre-surgery lab work to post-surgery PT was well-communicated and seamless. One year later, I feel great, and have no restrictions to maintain a healthy and active life.”

- Kirsten H.

“Dr. Prevost conducted a complete left hip replacement after 5 years of pain with every step or movement. I experienced zero pain going forward in life and can truly say 100% success. Dr. Prevost went above and beyond. When the first morning after surgery he asked who I was talking to and I said my mother, he asked for the phone and gave her a full report. Very nice indeed.”

- Don J.

“I am so happy with the results of my surgery! I feel like a new person. No ongoing pain anymore. I am better than 90 percent in my 11th week. Well it just keeps getting better. Thank you Dr. Prevost and all of your staff.”

- Donavin O.

“Dr. Prevost is wonderful. From the front desk back to patient room staff was kind, considerate & knowledgeable.”

- Bec G.

“This review is only of my first appointment with Dr. Prevost and the AFOC office and staff, not of the surgery that will be performed later. Everyone was very nice, welcoming and attentive, especially good at listening and making you feel heard. It was a great experience all around.”

- Louis M.

“I had 2 total hip replacements in a little over a year and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Prevost and the team are world-class. Cannot recommend them too highly. Amazed at the results.”

- Erin N.

“Dr. Prevost and the crew at AFOC are top notch. My recovery from hip replacement was SHOCKINGLY easy, pain-free, and I could not be more pleased with the results. My knee that was done 2 years ago at “The Other Guys” on the other hand …”

- Bucky W.

“I found the entire experience to be very professional and efficient. Dr. Prevost outlined my options very clearly, ultimately leaving the choice of surgery up to me. My questions were addressed quickly and politely by all the staff. Recovery was MUCH faster and easier than I anticipated. I would highly recommend to anyone even thinking about hip surgery.”

- John M.

“Phone calls were handled in a timely manner by professional and helpful staff. My wait time to check in was at times delayed by numerous patients in line, and my wait time for the doctor was within 20 minutes of my appointment time. I did have to wait for an x-ray longer than I felt was appropriate, but the staff was apologetic and quickly and efficiently did their job. I found Dr. Prevost to be pleasant, knowledgeable, able to explain my situation in a clear manner, and he was willing to listen to my questions and concerns. He referred me to their physical therapy department and I found Robert, P.T., to be friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to work, within reason, to my time schedule. No clinic runs smoothly 100% of the time and staff aren’t always at their best, but overall I found AFOC to be top notch and wouldn’t hesitate to return, if needed, or to refer others to their clinic.”

- L.G.C.

“Dr. Prevost has done both shoulder reversals. The first one was 10 years ago, and it is and has been pain-free for years. This surgery was 4 months ago, and it is pain-free as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Prevost and his entire team.”

- Ron T.

“Three months out on a total hip replacement done by Dr. Prevost. He was clear and direct pre- and post-operatively about what to expect. I wish I hadn’t waited so long. I will be using Dr. Prevost when I have to do the other side. Overall an excellent experience with Dr. Prevost and the clinic.”

- Carrie B.

“I had my knee replaced over a year ago. While recovering, I continued to have severe pain in my knee. For 10 months, I kept going to the doctor telling him that there must be something wrong because of the constant pain. The doctor would only say, ‘I don’t understand. The hardware looks good.’ After 11 months of constant pain, I decided to go see Dr. Prevost. It took him less than five minutes to recognize that the spacer in my knee was too small. On Oct. 30, he did the revision surgery and today I am on the road to recovery. Dr. Prevost and the staff of Anchorage Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic are the best in the business.”

- Richard R.

“I wish to provide a highly positive review of Anchorage Fracture and Orthopedic Clinic, in particular for the care provided by Dr. Prevost and his staff. Dr. Prevost is a most caring and considerate doctor and helped three of my family members with hip and knee surgeries.”

- George B.

“Always and forever thankful for Doctor Prevost. The arthroplasty surgeries he performed on both my knees, his attentive bedside manner, and his interest in how I have healed. No problems at all with any part or person of this clinic. Highly recommended.”

- Marie B.

“Dr. Prevost did a total hip replacement for my husband. From our very first visit at the office to his most recent 12-week follow-up visit, we have had nothing but great experiences. Dr. Prevost and staff are fantastic!”

- Kathy W.

“My wife had to have hip replacement surgery. Everything from the initial visit, the surgery, and the follow-up appointments were very professional. Dr. Prevost was fabulous as was his team. My wife was a bit anxious about having surgery, even though she knew it was necessary. They put her at ease, and is very happy with the results. We’d highly recommend him.”

- Dave W.

“About a year ago, I had a total hip replacement on the left side by Dr. Prevost. He was always straight and to the point about what was going to happen, and the expected outcome and recovery times. I will be using him for my other hip when it needs replacing in the near future. Everyone I have dealt with has been really friendly and professional. I do need adult supervision from time to time, and they have put up with me with a smile. Yes, I recommend this doctors group.”

- Joel S.

“Dr. Prevost has replaced both of my hips, and I can’t say enough good things about him and his awesome staff. I was so blessed to find him.”

- Betty D.

“Dr. Doug Prevost operated to replace my left knee. Now I can ride my bike, and I’m looking forward to skiing this winter!”

- Scott M.

“Dr. Prevost and his assisting staff are amazing.”

- Chelsea J.

“Dr. Prevost is my superhero. Had compound fractures on tibia and fibula. He bolted me back together with titanium rods and screws like it was no big deal. I don’t even have a scar. It took a tremendous amount of determination on my part as well, but I walk without a hitch. Amazing!!”

- Kenneth S.

“I feel extremely fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Prevost. I live a day’s drive from where he practices, but that’s a minor detail when compared to the quality of medical care that he provides. Dr. Prevost and his staff are extremely knowledgeable professionals. Before my procedure, everything was explained thoroughly with much attention to the support I would receive once I returned home. The instruction packets detailed post-op care completely. While I was in the hospital, Dr. Prevost and his staff checked on me regularly and made sure that I understood post-op physical therapy and had a clear plan for recovery. The staff responded to patient portal for any questions I had. On a post-op visit, Dr. Prevost listened carefully to my questions and spent time showing me additional exercises for strengthening. His stellar reputation is well known state-wide. I will definitely return to him should I have medical needs in the future.”

- Jean