Our physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists use the most advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques, which include electrodiagnostic medicine.

Electrodiagnostic medicine is used to diagnose problems with muscle and nerve function. Our physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists use nerve conduction studies (NCS) and electromyography (EMG) to identify conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve entrapment, cervical radiculopathy, and more.

An NCS is done by attaching electrodes to the skin along the nerve pathway. Then the doctor will stimulate the nerve with an electrical current. By measuring the speed of the electrical current, your doctor can determine where the nerve is not functioning normally.

An EMG is used to measure the electrical activity of your muscles. Your doctor will insert small needles in the muscle and will ask you to relax and tense the muscle. The electrical activity will be recorded, and your doctor will analyze the data and look for any abnormalities.